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With everything put back together and the codes cleared it was time for a quick drive.

Before I even left the driveway I let the engine idle for a minute just to see if it was going to act up right away. It ran fine.

When I put it in reverse I noticed the RPM didn't drop as much as it has before but that was also hit and miss. Sometimes it would be ok and other times really bogged down so on to the road I go.

I drove around like I have before for 10-15 minutes without any hiccups so I headed back.

Back on the driveway I let it idle for several minutes without any issues. Promising so far.

Time to bring out the big guns! I let the Mrs. loose with the car and waited anxiously for our preliminary test results.

A few hours later the I see the car pulling up on the driveway.

"How did the car run"

- Fine

"Like fine fine? it didn't do the rough idle at the red lights?"

- No it was fine

"No shit?!?"

This obviously is a fluke right?? Let's see what's really going on here.

I skip the bluetooth ODB scanner and go straight for the INPA laptop and do a full scan.

NO MISFIRES!!!!!!!!!

Yes there's still a couple of O2 codes and some other things but...

NO MISFIRES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I still don't believe that this will stay away so further test driving is in order!
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