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[MARCH 29/2021]

Today time today

It's been since Dec 23 and 4000km since I last ran a scan. I wanted to give the car plenty of time to show me his bastard ways and I think this should qualify as a thorough test drive.

Let's get a quick scan aaaaaaaaaand

Suuuuuuuuuuuuuurvey says!!!!

Here's a complete list of the remaining codes

Still no misfires (or white smoke.)

During this time the Bastard has idled plenty and made 2 successful trips to the big city and everywhere in between without any issues.

During these last few months I really didn't know how things were going to turn out with the Bastard and I was very, VERY close to setting this thing on fire.

I didn't want to share any of this previously partly because I felt like tool that I didn't really much to check it out before I bought it but mostly because I didn't want to be yet another post without any resolution at the end of it all. Trust me there are MANY MANY posts out there with the same codes that I was having and nobody seems to get it resolved or at least don't update the posts if they did.

I guess in the last few weeks I've decided that Black Bastard stays. (for now anyway)

Which brings me to the rest of the codes.

I looked into the O2 codes a little while performing the longest test drive ever and they don't seem to be anything "that important" as the fuel mix seems to be fine. It could very well be a bad connection or a dead sensor and seeing how the primary issues I was having are more...let's call them "stable" for now, I can move on to other issues.

I'll have extra O2 sensors to play with once I rip them out of the parts e83 and good outdoor weather is on it's way so I'll revisit those issues shortly.

The PDC (parking distance control) I don't care much about and is very low on the priority list, however I do have several working PDC sensors so one of these warm days I'll pop off the bumpers and get at the sensors.

The transfer case will be getting new oil very soon. That stuff ain't cheap and I didn't want to waste a bottle on the Bastard if it wasn't going to stick around.

There's been a few other things I've already addressed in the last few weeks so I'll have to get caught up with that.

Stay tuned for more stories from the Black Bastard!
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