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Originally Posted by wpoll View Post
Great yarn, about a great journey.

Interesting to see the the 00BF error (IKI EEPROM error, coding faulty / incomplete) in the list - I have this one too. And I know where it came from.

A couple of years back I had a few spare days over the Christmas/Summer break. Always a precursor to bad stuff happening...

I had been wanting to goof with a little "light coding" and broke out my copy of NCS-Expert and NCS-Dummy (emphasis on the Dummy part).

Figured I'd start with something simple, like altering the coolant warning temp, which on my 3.0d is ridiculous at 125Deg.C. Seemed to work out ok.

So then I tackled (along with some others here) removing the speedo offset - the built in inaccuracy on the analogue speedo dial.

Not only did I fail to eliminate the offset - the flash attempt failed and I nearly bricked the IKE!!

Never did find out why - but I re-flashed the IKE with the backup of the firmware I had made before I started (thank goodness!!) and that flash worked. Everything returned to normal. Might have been bad checksums or shadow copies of the data I altered....

But ever since then I've had the 00BF error (IKI EEPROM error, coding faulty / incomplete). Doesn't seem to worry anything and I cannot seem to remove it.

I suspect flashing the IKE again might sort it but I haven't gone there!!
Interesting. I appreciate that bit of info.

Believe it or not I do actually have plans to tackle the rest of those error codes but I'm still learning that while things are working...leave them alone!

That's why there's a Swamp thing I can play with

I've been wanting to try my hand at some basic coding. Namely to disable the automatic door locking. The Mrs. hates it and for whatever reason can't get in the routine of hitting the unlock all doors button on the way out.

Seems pretty straight forward...Put vehicle in P, push door unlock, fill car with thrift store finds. But what do I know

I think it's always a good idea to have some external power source when you're coding. This goes for the car AND computer. Battery charger on the car and computer plugged into the wall.

Nothing like having your computer go into sleep mode while you're trying to read or write eeprom
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