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Here's the factory manual diagram... for the EU3 spec at least - not sure if it also applies to the EU4 version...

1 Electric changeover valve
1a Vacuum hose from electric changeover valve to damping-controlled hydraulic bearing (DSHL)
1b Vacuum hose from suction air distributor to electric changeover valve of damping-controlled hydraulic bearing (DSHL)
2 Electropneumatic pressure converter (EPDW)
2a Vacuum hose from suction air distributor to electropneumatic pressure converter (EPDW)
2b Vacuum hose from electropneumatic pressure converter to exhaust gas recirculation valve (EGR)
3 Exhaust gas recirculation valve (EGR)
4 Vacuum line to engine
5 Vacuum hose from vacuum reservoir to suction air distributor

Another view.. (and this one is definitely EU3 so ignore the turbo boost control...)

E46 / E39 / E65:

1 Vacuum hose to vacuum tank
1a Vacuum tank
1b Vacuum hose from vacuum tank to pressure converter
1c Pressure converter on turbocharger
1d Vacuum hose from pressure converter to vacuum unit
1e Vacuum unit on turbocharger
2 Vacuum hose to pressure converter
2a Pressure converter for EGR valve
2b Vacuum hose to EGR valve
2c EGR valve
4 Vacuum line

E46 only:

3 Vacuum hose to electropneumatic pressure converter
3a Electropneumatic pressure converter
3b Vacuum hose to vacuum unit on radiator blind
3c Vacuum unit on radiator blind
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