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Originally Posted by Red911t View Post
Hello all, I replaced my front driver door carrier, and like a moron, disconnected the I have a fault code. I have plugged the airbag back in, turned on the car, and gone through my Foxwell 510 to reset the light - when I hit erase code, the light turns off, blinks on and off, then comes back on to stay.

Any idea why it is not turning off through the system here? I've been following what various YouTube videos say to do when going through, but my blinks off and then back on again. Any help is appreciated!

Just to try to help by confirming what should have happened:

disconnecting the airbag while the car battery is still connected ==> yes, that properly sets the airbag light which then remains until it gets reset with a special tool such as the Foxwell. BTW I do this just about every time I open up a door on my 2001 3.0i. I know the light will be set, and successfully rely on the Foxwell (and previously a different, airbag-reset-only tool)

Using the Foxwell to reset the airbag light ==> yes, that should clear it, not requiring any other steps such as battery disconnection.

So my thinking is that since the Foxwell reset is not holding, you must have something broken there. So reading the actual code might help confirm, figuring out what you may have snapped, etc.

One additional random fact that may or may not be useful ... That special-purpose airbag tool (eBay, $20, Chinese, called something like 8800) I had before I got the Foxwell worked very reliably, but every single time, it took two reset cycles for the reset to work. I never figured out why, and did not worry since it always worked on the second try. I don't think my Foxwell NT520 Pro has this issue. But you might try doing the reset twice in a row to see if anything changes (if you have not already done so). Just a guess. Good luck.
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