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Rain and light sensor retrofit question

I've googled extensively but didn't find much on E53, only bits and pieces.
I've stripped the inside of my car as I'm swapping interiors and I thought I'd add those features.
I think I already have the auto headlight, as my switch has the "A" letter.

However I probably don't have the rain sensor. From reading posts on e46 and e38 retrofits, seems like there's a module that goes together with the rear view mirror.
As I was removing the headliner, my rear view mirror fell off. Made a mess with some black flakes. But even before that, the mirror looked flimsy and not at the right place. I think someone did something with it previously.
Now I heard that in order to add rain sensing, one needs to replace the windshiel as well (not sure why).
My windshield is in a very poor condition and I thought I could add the rain sensing option if I'm to replace the windshield.
Here's what the windshield looks like and the mirror which fell off

Has anyone added rain sensing to their E53?
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