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I'm not sure if the switch is original.
My car is 2002 so maybe it came with rain/light sensing?
If I turn the switch to "A", the headlights come on.
Not sure how that works since it looks I'm missing the rain light sensor under the rear view mirror which is responsible for detecting light/darkness.
Unless the car simply defaults to have the headlights come on in case there's no sensor connected/installed?
Here's my connector to the mirror

I dont seem to have the same connector as in your first picture. Maybe it's hiding under the headliner, I'll take a closed look.
I definitely don't have anything on the windshield as on your second picture.
I can definitely tell that the rear view mirror was reglued at some point, for some reason.
Looking from the front, there does seem to be some kind of a cut out in the film for the sensor. Not sure seeing it correctly.

I don't know of the previous owner removed the light rain sensor for some reason...
Or maybe he thought of retrofitting this function like I am but gave up. I saw a DIY of a guy with E38. Instead of having the windshield with a cut out for the sensor, he used black epoxy to paint it.
Rain sensing wiper retrofit write-up (long)

Now I don't know if the previous owner tried to do the same thing. The only reason I'm suspecting something like that is because how badly the black paint/film crumbled when the mirror fell off. So I'm not sure if that was factory.

I guess the first thing is to determine for certain if the car came with this rain sensor, and in that case it would have the connector.
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