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Thanks Overboost, I was actually reading your DIY just a couple of minutes ago!
I guess the first step is to replace the windshield.
I believe you said to use Saint Gobain Sekurit glass or Pilkington glass (whatever those mean).
I can ask for those (if the windshield guy will know what I mean).
I'm not sure if the windshields are vehicle specific? I.e. how do I make sure I get the right cutout for the rain light sensor on the new windshield?

Now my next step would be to get the following for the scrap yard:

- RLS module (which I now know what it looks like, so I can just remove it from any compatible bmw that has it, if I understand correctly)
- Connector for the RLS module
- Mirror cover

I'm.not sure if my mirror cover would accommodate the sensor?

Can I keep my mirror (I believe it has a compassion function based on the letters here)

Kept looking at found a wire that was taped to another wire, I got excited that maybe it was for the sensor!!

Ahhh, only 3 pins, not sure what it's for.

Almost gave up but decided to look all over again and I think I found the right one this time!

Now if this is the stock connector I'm golden I guess!

Just need to get a rain sensor now?

I was reading they're really complicated to remove, I.e. one guy was in another post he brought a torch to heat it up. In Canada torches are not allowed at scrap yards.

Should I just order one from ebay instead?
Then glue it with silicone to the new windshield and be done!
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