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When I had my windshield replaced, they didn't realize I had rain sensor so they had to come back with a different piece of glass. As Overboost is saying it does seem there is something on the glass to interface with the sensor, I just thought it has a clear spot for the sensor that you could clear out if necessary.

I would look for YouTube video of prior retrofit. It's not difficult to find optical adhesive; look on Amazon under phone digitizer optical glue but you'd have to find out if there's something special on the glass.

My understanding is the sensor sends some light out the glass and measures how much comes back. When rain drop is on the outer surface it lets out some light that would normally bounce back.

You can test without glue using oil. I've fixed old iPhones using cooking oil between the screen and digitizer.

If you can get the sensor to calibrate using oil and gorilla tape to hold it, it should work with optical glue. Don't use whatever crap from Overboost's example that'll never work.
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