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Originally Posted by Aleman View Post
Hey Gang,
New E53 owner here. Just got this 2005 4.8is delivered from Washington state where they don't salt the roads. Can't wait to get a license plate on it tomorrow. I'm looking forward to learning all about the E53 from the forum and hopefully contributing some new content. I'm new to the E53, but not to this era of BMW. Had an E46 wagon and an E39 sedan for a while. My E30 has been (and will be) with me for a long time. See you around!
Well congrats
This one looks Like a Solid Black Gang Car 4.8 is An amazing piece of Machinery
Mine is also Black on Black but 4.4
What Kind of content are you planning on producing?
Here is couple of my vids You might be interested in, Just practicing on Editing so the quality is not that great.

The knowledge on the Car is Quite Significant since I grew up in Russia, & E53 there was a Cult Car. Especially in the Black on Black Fully Loaded/Super Thick And Bullet Proof Editions.

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