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You add this value on the 12th bit on SA string of ZCS. After you have changed the ZCS code all modules "Code car" or individually base code (SG_CODIEREN) instrument clustrer, LCM and GM.

521 (SA) 0000000000010000 REGENSENSOR

Changing ZCS

-Always at first read vehicle ZCS.
- After reading ZCS press F1 (Enter ZCS)
- Make changes to ZCS, remove last check digits and check “Calculate check sum”
- F6 (Back)
- F4 (Process ECU)
- Choose propriate control unit (EWS and IKE/KMB hold ZCS), then OK
- F2 job -> ZCS_SCREIBEN
- F3 (execute job)

Do the same to both modules that hold ZCS (EWS and IKE/KMB)
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