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Originally Posted by Bmwe5320023.0 View Post
Could you elaborate on these steps?
I understand I first need to read a module to have info in FSW_PSW file. Then I should write it to LCM, GM and RLS?

I think I coded LCM, GM and RLS modules.
Where should I look for this regesensor parameter to change it? Will it be in FSW_PSW file when I read LCM or GM modules?
Can't seem to find it
No need to read and change anything. Just read ZCS from either module holding it. Then do the actual coding which is done by NCS according to ZCS info. SG_CODIEREN should be the default task. Then just choose module and "Execute" will do the job.

If you want to read FSW_PSW values these parameters should be as stated "aktiv" or "nicht aktiv" with rain sensor option.


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