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Misfire Misery

2004 x5 3.0. 260,000 miles.

In a quest to solve misfire problems I have replaced:

MAF sensor
Disa valve
Cleaned idle control valve
Fuel filter
Spark plugs
All Injectors
All coil packs

Symptoms are rough idle after initial start up. Cold and warm. Crappy acceleration.

Runs better for short time after clearing codes the bad at check engine light activation.

Generic codes are

I've checked all typical vacuum leak spots.
I'm suspecting any of these below.

Wire connection from coil pack to DME. How can I check that? Disconnect on 1 has no noticable affect.
A vacuum leak
Camshaft sensor
Crankshaft sensor
Fuel tank breather valve
Vanos trouble
Intake Mainfold gasket
Vac control valve
Vac check valve

Just ordered noid checker and compression tester

I deleted ccv a year ago for oil catch can.

I could really use some help. Thinking about taking it to shop but would really like to solve it myself. Running out of money.
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