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Originally Posted by chrisfuture8 View Post
I replaced the belts back in 2018 (summer) when I did a major top overhaul.
Belts installed the way they came out (had diagram drawings of how they were routed).

The tension is tight while the engine is off. Screeching happens only on the first start (when motor is cold). All subsequent starts, it's perfectly fine and quiet.

The idler tensioners are all original and there's about 155K on the clock.

Thanks Andrew for the info. I'm guessing then that the waterpump/alternator belt tensioner is the one to get.

Could be your idler pulley or tensioner pulley. I had to replace mine at about your mileage. The bearings in them were shot and would make noise when cold. Betting its that and not the belt or the power steering pump. Power steering pump makes a low vibration noise when at idle when they go bad. Could also be low fluid level.
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