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I was contemplating just taking off the head and having a look. I dont have much to lose. I couldn't get much more than scrap price with the shape it's in. Maybe the cat converters are worth something. But with that many miles something in the bottom end might go next so it might be better to give up. So I put seafoam in the 2 misfire cylinders and let it soak all day. Turned it over a bit to spit it out then put plugs back in, hooked up everything and cranked her up and sputtered around the block. No improvement.. Just blowing smoke. In the morning I'm going to check the compression in the other cylinders I'm really curious. The next thing on plan is the leak down test, or maybe first (If I am understanding correctly) I'll put a bit of oil in the cylinder and if the compression rises significantly that would mean the problem is more likely the rings and not the valves or head gasket. That would be the end of the road. Maybe a used motor is an option. Well tomorrow is a new day.
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