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If the rest of the X5 is worth keeping, an engine replacement or a head gasket job is not too bad.

While I have seen ring and piston failure, a problem with your valves is more common. A leakdown test and/or a borescope might confirm this.
If your problems are just in the head, don't worry about miles on engine. These engines are good for well over 400k miles. My daily driver is an '03 530i w/411k miles.

In most cases involving an M54 engine, I prefer a used engine replacement to a head gasket job, but in a 6 cyl X5, you have really good access to everything, so I prefer a head gasket, which I have done twice.. The car stays on its wheels the whole time.

other tips:
lift head with exhaust manifold attached - use a hoist
plan on time-serting block (which I do even if it did not overheat)
use the slightly thicker 1.0mm gasket
replace coolant pipes and OFHG with intake off.
new CCV

I am not necessarily suggesting you do this yourself, but go have a conversations with a non-dealer BMW specialist in your area about a head gasket. I would strongly suggest you find somebody who has done an M54 head gasket before.

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