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Alright, so here's an update and a couple options for anyone interested:
1) Thanks to WMG/BMW (Caribbean cousin?), a manufacturer is being sent a guage scan for the X5. It'll likely take some time to get to them and for them to break it down into finite specs, but perhaps when that point is reached, we can send em a few messages relaying our interest in seeing the product through. Seeing the few companies that make these, it's pretty much a cookie-cutter kit depending on size/ layout of each dial that's applicable, so perhaps they even already produce certain guages, and will only have to change minor details (coloring/ contrast/ redlines) to suit the e53. This path will take some patience, but looks promising.

2) If there's anyone raring to go & has a couple $hundred itching to get out of their pocket, there's a complete custom fab shop (in Ireland?!) which claims to offer a completely customizable display with any colors/dials/backlights of your choosing. I haven't worked with this company, so can't give any endorsement (and personally their feedback doesn't reflect any of these units, so I'm holding my cards), but FWIW, here's the link- Looks like costs run $250-600 depending on whether they use a unit supplied by the car-owner, or send you an entire replacement console without receiving yours: (Note: Don't bid, it's just an order process description, which might be why their feedback doesn't show these)

Sorry for the lengthy details, but thought folks might want to know the options thus far. Maybe some more potential manufacturers will come out of the woodwork...
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