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Originally Posted by Russianblue View Post

so...about how long does it take to TimeSert 14 holes? depending on if the head is damaged, and the time commitment extends, i wouldn't be against doing all 14. The additional monetary cost is negligible.
it takes me about 15 mins per hole with kit 1090..

You have to unbolt, center, and re-bolt the jig for each hole.
When I drill and tap, I pull the drill bit and tap out 3x per hole to clear alum chips as I go - if you don't you will damage bit and tap and not have a good hole, because chips have no where to go.

I use wd40 as my cutting fluid every hole or so.

I have compressed air and shop vac handy for chip removal.

You will need a 1/2 inch chuck drill to do this. The standard 3/8 chuck drill won't work. You will also need to rent a right angle 1/2 inch chuck drill from home depot or lowes for 4 hours to do 2-3 holes near the rear that you can't access with a regular drill.

you get the picture.

But man it IS satisfying when that engine starts up, runs, and doesn't consume oil or coolant after you have done a head gasket.
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