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Originally Posted by sandbagger View Post
Is it just a dead fan? easiest way to test is pull the sensor wire on the AC right on the frame rail with the AC on, if the fan doesnt come on, its dead.
I normally wont recommend EBAY parts, but this one is a big enough savings that it was worth the risk for me, 3+yrs ago and still going strong
Pulled and replaced the fan. Still no operation. Pulled the AC pressure switch to make the aux fan go. Checked power from fuse 61 to the fan plug...that's ok. Ground wire is good. Waiting to have a shop put a scope on the signal wire to see what's going on. Hoping it's just a bad signal wire and not a DME/ECU issue...but I can send the DME and EWS out for service if need be. I'll update once the shop looks at it. Took the opportunity to also change the radiator output temp sensor so there is that. Also ordered a new air tube for between my air hood and the air cleaner/resinator. It had a crack I hadn't noticed. Also cleaned up and detailed the engine compartment again.
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