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Originally Posted by Overboost View Post
PropellerHead and I found ...
Well THAT is a generous characterization! All I did was stand there while you diddled with the remote.

Not unlike my story with the coding that OB did for my X5 yesterday while I stood around sweating through my shirt. I realized a couple days before that I would be only a couple hours away from him, so we set up some time to visit again. As I was headed out, I remembered he has a notebook and mad skillz. I *finally* got the cold check turned off for my LED signals and went ahead to do the license plate checks as well.

On the way home, I used iBus to turn on the high beams as DRL to match the angel eyes now on as turn signals. With iBus also using the front fogs as DRLs, I have major (illegal) filaments on while over 70MPH in the day time- which is when I have told iBus to turn on the low beams as well. At night, of course, its all normal (and legal).

The *other* thing he got done is reading HIS dynamic front lights and then matching those settings to mine. I confirmed late last night that the lights once again turn with the steering wheel at night. This was also not functional since the clear lens replacement in 2019. It's nice to see again.

Huge shout out to OB! Hope to see you sometime on the road, OB! Thanks again!
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