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Well, I probably overthought that one. The heli-coil fix worked great. Hell of a lot less trouble than timeserts. The only issue was trying to judge the depth. I didn't want to drill too deep into the block because I believe I could have (theoreticall anyway) pierced the water jacket on CYL 1. As with anything else, the first time takes a long time. if this happened again it would be a 20 minute detour rather than a day of research.

Got the Jesus bolt on with the timing pin, 1/2 breaker, 4 foot cheater (jack handle), a piece of webbing (to pull on at the designated mark) and a luggage scale. Then for good measure I hit it lightly a couple of times with the stubby impact and that Jumbo harmonic balancer socket (which is strangely satisfying to use for some reason). It's in the 300-330 range. Good enough for government work.

With that buttoned up, it looks like I'll be making a go at lowering the head on today. If his schedule works out, our very own OVERBOOST has tentatively agreed to drive over and give me a hand.

Trying to remember all the stuff on the head that might be easier to install/arrange before it goes on. All those O2 sensor wires etc. I'm sure I will forget something.

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