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Originally Posted by andrewwynn View Post
Photos? I'm pretty sure I could fix that without welding just normal workshop tools.

Sounds like you need something like a spade bolt something that is not difficult to fabricate and stronger than an eye welded to threaded rod. Something you can. Just buy in certain sizes and easy enough to fabricate in any size.

An example spade bolt. I use them for a few different projects: one example is holding a handrail to the wall. 3/8 spade though a 3/8 ID aluminum tube. Tighten the bejesus out of it and have maybe 1800# of preload so the handrail is the stiffest you've ever seen. (this way I can get away with minimal finger smashing zones) it feels like welded metal handrail when mounted to studs.

My brother also runs a machine shop. Get me some exact sizes I'm pretty sure one way or another we can get that fixed for you.
I took some pics, will UL them tomorrow. Thank you very much for the assistance, hopefully machining a replacement won't be necessary, but may be the strongest option.

Originally Posted by bcredliner View Post
Have had the Dinan sway bar since 2003, no problem. Are you sure there isn't a problem with a shock tower or a camber plate? Hitting big bumps shouldn't break the eye bolt in the bar.
The bump I'm speaking was large. Truck got air time on both axles. Was more of a drop off than a bump. Think construction workers repaving on a Saturday before having Sunday off... "We'll scrape this layer off... it'll be fine with a 4" drop for 24 hours in a 75mph zone without a slope down. Screw people using this offramp." And it broke the previous repair, so it wasn't as strong as it should be. Honestly, I think I bought the X5 with the bar broken back in 2015 and just didn't realize it until such time that service dictated it had to removed. Then I discovered the broken eye-bolt, had it welded, and reinstalled.

Originally Posted by X5chemist View Post
Oh man. Now I know who's beating me to Craiglist finds.

We'll have to do a local meet up sometime.
I have a lot to learn about these X5s.
I would be one of your competition, yes.
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