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I was going to tack on a reply to my last post about working on the iS but I went back 50 pages and couldn't find it. In forum time 50 pages is pre-industrial revolution (smdh).

Now the update: I did the timing guide job along with a number of other refreshes (like 6 months ago) but kept getting a P0021 after reassembly, retimed a couple times, traced every possible wire, reached out and spoke directly with Raj, a few of the original test group for the VANOS, and even wrote an email to Steve Dinan (he never replied). Finally after a whole hell of a lot of time spent NOT working on the ailing iS because the CEO said that the kitchen remodel was more important. I finally got her back opened up over the weekend and discovered that I am a DA of the highest degree. Timing is fixed. I should be back to terrorizing the communities surrounding Lake Houston shortly, erhm, well, a lot more shortly than the 6 months that the iS has been confined to the garage.
Again Daily Driven SC'd 4.6iS, whats the point of having a sweet ride if you dont use it all the time.
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