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What did you do to / for your E53 today??

Originally Posted by Nolimite39 View Post
I was going to tack on a reply to my last post about working on the iS but I went back 50 pages and couldn't find it. In forum time 50 pages is pre-industrial revolution (smdh).

Now the update: I did the timing guide job along with a number of other refreshes (like 6 months ago) but kept getting a P0021 after reassembly, retimed a couple times, traced every possible wire, reached out and spoke directly with Raj, a few of the original test group for the VANOS, and even wrote an email to Steve Dinan (he never replied). Finally after a whole hell of a lot of time spent NOT working on the ailing iS because the CEO said that the kitchen remodel was more important. I finally got her back opened up over the weekend and discovered that I am a DA of the highest degree. Timing is fixed. I should be back to terrorizing the communities surrounding Lake Houston shortly, erhm, well, a lot more shortly than the 6 months that the iS has been confined to the garage.

Each of the times I've done chain guides on M62tu I got P0021 error.

Resolved with real-time measure of the requested vs. actual cam angle which were not well matched to confirm computer didn't see the cam matching request with refurbished vanos and just redone timing with a new chain.

I wasn't sure from the read above what was the fix.

Did you do like me and hook up the timing alignment jigs symmetrically? Oops.
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