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A bit overwhelmed, advice appreciated: E70 35d

Hey all, recently purchased a 2011 E70/X5 35d as a repair project because I've wanted one for years and hope you can clarify/expand on a few things that are confusing after a lot of research. I'm coming from a VW TDI so I'm familiar with modifying via VCDS lite.

1. If I'm looking to code/program/reset codes, do I need more that one product (e.g. DCAN cable w/ INPA)?

I'm not looking to to tune, I just want to fix what's broken or deactivate items that are no longer there (i.e. if components are deleted--EGR, etc) at home.

2. I plan on doing the following for initial maintenance and for longevity but what am I missing?
  • Trans fluid/filter and seals
  • Oil change
  • Thermostat
  • Rain tray check/replacement
  • Intake carbon cleaning
  • DPF flush and forced regen

Thanks everyone!
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