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This weekend saw Archer (Mouse's X5) ~165k miles and Red ~126k miles getting oil changes and full trans servicing. Both vehicles took 7.5 liters of Valvoline Maxlife Multivehicle to fill after replacing the tube seals, bridge seals, and filters. Both trucks exhibited the 2-1-2 gear slam when slow rolling stop signs or stop lights. Of course we both drove around the issues to avoid it so as not to any damage to the trans. Some gear shifting delay was also present. As of now it seems both transmissions have been restored to normal operation. After resetting all adaptations (clutch pressures) shifting has been smooth and quick.

Name:  Trans service 1.jpg
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Pic shows Liqui Moly in front of Archer but we used the Valvoline Maxlife.

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Here's what Archer's fluid looked like. I believe he has ~50k miles on it. Previous owner had a drain/fill done but I don't think they did anything else. Looks pretty clean and the magnets just had a fine film on them. Nothing to worry about. My fluid looked a little dirtier. Fortunately though it also did not have any metallic flakes/swirls in the fluid. Didn't grab a pic of mine but do have a video of it.

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And for fun I took a couple of shots of my rather complicated exhaust setup. I'd like to remove the resonator, add an X pipe, and dumps from the cutouts to simplify things in the near future.

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2005 X5 4.4i Build 04/05 Maintenance/Build Log
Nav, Pano, Sport (Purchased 06/14 w/ 109,000 miles) (Sold 8/15 w/121,000 miles)

2006 X5 4.8is Build 11/05 Maintenance/Build Log
Nav, DSP, Pano, Running Boards, OEM Tow Hitch, Cold Weather Pckg (Purchased 08/15 w/ 90,500 miles)

2010 X5 35d Build 02/10
Nav, HiFi, 6 DVD, Sports Pckg, Cold Weather Pckg, HUD, CAS, Running Boards, Leather Dash, PDC, Pano (Purchased 03/17 w/ 136,120 miles)

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