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Search the forum for “overland” and you’ll find a great thread with a lot of good wheel and tire info for guys wanting to go bigger, and up (lift).

If you are looking for a better ride on crappy roads, you may want to consider 17 or 16” wheels. I’ve got 275/70/16 Yokohama Geolanders mounted on Method Race Wheels model 701s. Love them, but it took some work with the angle grinder to get them to play nicely with the calipers and other suspension bits. I picked them because they were one of the few that came in a 5x120 pattern and a zero offset. Total diameter is around 31.2 and they rubbed at the lock until I went at the wheel wells with a heat gun. It didn’t need too much massaging tho. I don’t think I could run them on anything rough without the 1.5” lift I’ve got on it.

5x120 bolt pattern is a limiting factor for more off road oriented stuff, but you can always go with adapters if you are ok with added complexity.
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