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Originally Posted by EODguy View Post
Fixed a flat (RR), ordered new rear latch/lamp assembly and then on the way home my MAF shit the bed so I had turn around and pick up a new one.

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Yep - this seems to be the attitude of my car recently - "hooman fix something - me go boom!!"... I did a full set of BMW spark plugs on Sunday (it's a working day here) and crawled through traffic for three hours to get home - *literally* the next day I drove it round the block and it did the wacky instrument cluster thing and shouted *TRANS FAILSAFE*! *ENGINE FAILSAFE*!! - from experience I knew this is a weak battery thing (the AC also dying) - so I pulled back into the garage, all the way in 3rd, you know how it is...

Alternator was running 14.1V thank goodness, so with the new battery we're done - for now.

Kinda scared me for a second, though...
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