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Originally Posted by EODguy View Post
I hear you and I guess I should be happy when things show up in clusters because if it was say... an issue each week then the White Witch would never move and I couldn't hide that from the wife!![emoji15]

The Sunday through Thursday work week only bugs me when I have to try and deal with crap Stateside and the day change along with the time difference makes it less than conducive to speedy resolutions....

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The attitude to old cars here being what it is, if I swapped Burly I'd end up with like a med-hi mileage Camry or Altima or some sh!t, as my only car! The cars which can do high mileage here still go for big dollars cos the locals want to and can afford to buy them at a ridiculous price. Nissan Patrol Super Safaris and Lexus LS 430s still go for 50,000 AED ($14,000) when they've done 200,000 Km (125,000 miles). I gotta keep on, because compared to the crazy maintenance schedule, the insurance and registration costs nothing. A newer car would cost more every year, and as I say, I'm priced out of the market for a low maintenance car!

It's not bad having the NYSE opening at 5:30 PM local time, but kind of weird trading on a Friday which is the big religious weekend day...
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