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Originally Posted by crystalworks View Post

- Messed with an EHC issue dropping the front end. Replaced the accumulator tank, supply valve, and a new LF ride height level sensor. All to no avail.

- Removed the entire EHCII suspension system, installed BC Racing coilovers, and had the truck aligned. $995

- Coded the truck to remove it from the ZCS and DSC programming. No more dash errors or DSC codes. This allowed me to finally pull the EHCII module from behind the glove box.
I so need to do this - I'm kinda fed up with it messing with the DSC and I really want to see if it improves the handling when re-activated, since I notice the truck slipping more on corners without the active suspension and DSC.

Also it messes with the tyre pressure warning system, right? I just noticed I had a flat FR tyre this morning and had to hand pump some pressure to get it to the garage. Fancy valve caps will be the death of me...

Wife and kids are out of town for a few weeks, so I got nothing but time right now to code this suspension error out...
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