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Originally Posted by crystalworks View Post
I don't believe the ehc2 is tied into the tpms (forget BMW's acronym for it). If you had a flat it is likely a puncture or a valve stem or valve stem core that is leaking. I had to replace a core (the actual valve in a valve stem) because it had a slow leak on one of my other cars.

Good luck with the coding. It's not overly complicated but not overly simple either. Hopefully the threads on the subject is enough to guide you.
Ohhh - you guys!! I am stoked!! I got the error warning cancelled using NCSExpert + Dummy today - it's amazing!!

I ran an error check with INPA afterwards however it said DSC57 module and 'Tyre Pressure Control' (ECU D_0070) - No Response from Control Unit

It may be that they are both faulty and I though the suspension thing has been tripping both of those lights for months, and just concealed it - I need a bit of time to see if they are related to the EHCII like the DXC was.

Couldn't have done it without you guys, and right now I don't know if I could be any happier with the result!!
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