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Originally Posted by LA02MAX View Post
Disassembled the front hubs/wheel bearings. That was fun! Also got the last few parts from FCP Euro before putting the car back together. The front end will have new rotors/pads, wheel bearings, hubs, associated hardware including dust shields, end links, inner and outer steering tie rods, and control arm ball joints (the remaining bushings/ball joints looked to be recently replaced). Looking forward to feeling how it drives after this!

Next step will be the rear subframe bushings. I already have them + the press tool.
Now thatís some work! Nice job.
I spent today wrapping up the days of window regulator, clip and door panel surgery. Both front windows were shot and I have had a stick holding one closed for too long. A new regulator on the right side and new clips on both sides.

The panels have begun to fail internallyÖold glue failing and the plastic bits that hold the retainer clips stay on the door unfortunately. The JB Weld formula for plastic sets in 15 minutes and seems to work the best. Gorilla glue and Liquid Nails have failed miserably on me in previous attempts.

I have never been able to eliminate the rattle that comes with closing a front door with the window down, or down at least 75 ish percent. I know itís the glass rattling against the regulator, or something else, but I canít get it to stop. Anyone else experience this? Maybe Iíve been installing something wrong all these years.

I also bought a motor for my project.
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