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Originally Posted by bcredliner View Post
I change the transmission fluid and filter every 50,000 miles. I use only OEM fluid. That's based on a long discussion with a transmission expert at a DFW repair shop that rebuilds and modifies BMW transmissions.

I change transfer case and diffs oil the same time I change trans fluid. I change the oil and filter at 5-6000 miles.

What is a lifetime to BMW? X years, X miles or X years and X miles?
Good question. I have almost 261,000 miles and 15+ years on mine. I'm planning to make at least 300,000. Been around 100,000 since I changed trans mission fluid and filter. I'm about due. Recently did the diffs. Need to check my records for transfer case. That could be due too. Oil changes every 5000 miles with Lubrimoly full synthetic.
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