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ah cheers for all the advice! I had a bit of time to fiddle around today and since I had a few drops of water coming down from the center console after the car wash it gave greater incentive

So I took off the covers around the A-pillars and poured water down the gulleys in the pano roof. No leaks in the tubes and they drain pretty well actually. However, after incidentally pouring (quite a lot) of water over the rails I found then the water can leak out of the resevoir. it leaks where the guide rail ends into the plastic, from the factory there is some sticky tar-like goop in there to seal things but it's not 100%, seems pretty hard to get that to seal anyway. So the question is whether to try and seal that up, seems I need to take a large part of the pano roof out if I need to get in there

Other than that I learned a few more things from using the NT510 and can now even make a log file in PDF

after looking at everything and clearing fault codes (there were 14 in total I think, some seemed old so figured I'd delete them to see if they come back). The battery died after 4 hours... guess these interior lights and the stereo take some oomph! On the charger now, first i thought I messed the whole thing up with the scanner

funny thing: after resetting the fault codes the indicator lights and sound work again!
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