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Hi All,

I'm having major issues trying to bleed DSC, since having to repair a damaged line between the DSC block and Master Cylinder. Car has now been off road for 4 months whilst I've gone through different versions of INPA, and now ISTA trying to get this bleed process to activate.

On INPA, I can get to the screen where the button for the the bleed it, and the button simply doesn't appear.

Now on ISTA, I'm getting to the exact same screen that Maxi840i is getting to on the second linked screenshot above - but there is no way to proceed from here?

Clicking on ABL gives nothing. I can add to test, but seems now way to execute even when in the list?

Clicking on FUB, displays the instruction for the procedure itself, but again there is no button to continue, or execute the procedure from here.

Same procedure is described at 2:10 of this youtube video, so I can only wonder why in both ISTA and INPA now i am unable to activate the DSC to bleed it!!
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