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Originally Posted by AceEngineer View Post
Do you notice the difference in handling?
I agree that the E83 X3 (with conventional coil springs on all four corners) presents a handling feel more like a car.

Our E53 X5 (4.4i) handles great for an SUV, but you still know you're driving a substantially heavier machine. Ours has rear air-springs and conventional front coils. I've noticed that when the air suspension is working perfectly, I can kick the rear out a bit when transitioning into sweeping corners. That is, the rear outside air-spring appears to maintain more stiffness than otherwise expected, and I'd guesstimate (as a former racer) more transitional stiffness than a comparable coil spring with the same effective steady-state spring rate. Perhaps the controller adds some anti-roll effect? We don't have the air-springs on all four corners like the 4.8 did (not sure if a separately available option), so I'm not sure how that plays out on yours. My guess is that the front air-springs (not to mention the adjustable ride height) could change the front-to-rear balance a lot, particularly in transitions (versus steady-state cornering).
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