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1. Matt E.(matt20043.0) - XenonMatch - H7 - 2QTY- PAID
2. Ismail A. (n/a) - XenonMatch - H11 - 1Qty - PAID
3. Jay R. (dr.jay) - XenonMatch - H3 - 1Qty - PAID
4. Michelle G.(Michelle) - XenonMatch - H3 -1QTY - PAID

-BuRak , In the 1st post.. just chose your sytle and click on "add to cart" it will be default at 1 Qty.. just change that to 2 Qty and click on "update cart"... then head over to the checkout.. your done..

-DinanX5 , your is kinda hard.. from the ETK.I see it had H3 and H11..

and as for as the XenonMatch Plus goes.. I would suggest that Xenonmatch for the foglight housing, due to the small space and lower wattages(OEM wattage match) less change of damage to the fog housing..
the Xenonmatch Plus is at a higher watts.. its rated at 80w while the Xenonmatch is rated at 55w, I have seen that in person a Xenonmatch Plus left a burned mark on a Z3 housing..

I would reccommend the Xenonmatch Plus for those without xenon headlights or for the Highbeam.. that way you have a matching xenon with the fogs.. Hope that helps..

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