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Still waiting on my tcu. But I've gone over it a little more.

Both front cv joints will need replaced. They have cracks and I noticed a tiny bit of slop when driving it home. I thought maybe it was bushings, probably as well, but I think the joints are starting to go.

The exhaust....omg... what a cluster of f'ing. I didn't really notice how screwed up of a Frankenstein pieced together exhaust was on there till I had it on jackstands.

I discovered the manifold cats are gutted and two universal cats welded on right after them. Then about a dozen pieces of pipe welded together after that to the mufflers.

Ugh.....ridiculous. Guess I'll run six upturned headers out the hood. Lol..... kidding kidding. Would be cool though. My hoa would love it.
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