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Hi everyone,
Larry here from Australia. New to this forum and finding it difficult to find my way around.
I am the recent owner of 2003 diesel X5, 3lts 6, 135kW. When I first drove the car it bellowed copious amounts of smoke. Would've been at home in a scene from James Bond 007. Worked out it was as seriously blocked crankcase breather oil separator filter. Probably never been changed. It also made a strange whistling sound when boost came on. No such noise revving when stopped.
I tried to search for this and could only find what seemed to be it on petrol/gas engines. No postings on diesel engines.
Can anyone help me please. Tried doing a search using ' what is causing my x5 3.0d e53 to whistle during acceleration?'. Obviously not doing this correctly as it is trying to search on each part of the 'argument'.
Thank you,
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