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Not all done today but the last 2 weeks after spending months chasing down a coolant leak I figured out it was coming from the hard plastic pipes under the intake manifold. I decided it was time to do a little refresher. This is most of the parts not including replacing all the vacuum lines as well as a few other parts and spending several hours just cleaning the engine, ALL the parts and engine compartment as well as the suspension & frame parts I could reach with dish-washing liquid and a paint brush. I hate working on a dirty engine.

I almost forgot, I built a make shift fuel injector test bench and ran about 1 cut of fuel cleaner (B-12) through each injector using a injector tester and 25 psi or air pressure. Each injector gave a nice spray pattern and seemed to spray the same amount of fuel in the same amount of time. I didnt bother testing and measuring it down to the micron. lol Looks good.

Not quite finished but almost.

2001 3.0 BMW X5

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