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One more point to make: tires marketed as all season I refer to as 3-season. They have less than half the traction of my tires on polished snow like side streets become when driven on before plowed. I watched a poor guy spin his "3-season" tires upwards of a minute before getting out of a parking spot. I backed in and pulled out taking a video. My front left tire spun less than 60 total vs countless revolutions. I've also driven up snow banks and through ice ruts as well as one time I parked in 3-4" of water that froze solid around my tires and I drove right out without incident.

All factored into why I keep the studdless always. One other great example: wet leaves in a corner in fall! They are almost a non issue where with my previous car I had to pay great attention to avoid a spin-out.
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