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Originally Posted by Qsilver7 View Post
Looks like the "experiment" cleared up some misconceptions.

The central locking system(FZV) and anti-theft alarm siren system (DWA) is controlled by the GM/GM III. The manual locking procedure for the driver's door (when using the door lock cylinder under power) is carried out over the P-bus by way of the door module to the GM/GMII. When using the remote fob...the 315MHz RF (radio frequency) signal is sent from the remote fob, to the FZV aerial in the rear (left) cargo window...then onto the FZV amp/receiver...then onto the GM/GM III where the signal is then sent to lock/unlock and arm/disarm the vehicle over the P-bus.

As already mentioned...starting the car is carried out by EWS...which is a separate system that uses a 125 KHz AM signal...where the remote fob, Ring Antenna, EWS control module, and ECU/DME are all communicating with each other and verifying that an encrypted ISN (individual serial number) matches.

Below is some BMW tech info that shows the location of some of the components and explains the mechanical disconnection that occurs when the vehicle is "double-locked" versus "single-locked".

{location of FZV antenna for BMW Tourings & SAVs}

{E53 X5 FZV amp/receiver location}

Thank you for this information.

I'm just waiting on lockout kit to arrive to try the procedure for unlock with the central lock button and door handles. I've seen searching around that you've aided in tons of these situations, given my set of circumstances do you think that this will work in my case?

I think the tech tried engaging the hazards and I don't think they went on. Is it possible that switch has malfunctioned?
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