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Originally Posted by bcredliner View Post
Thank you for posting how the study was done. Good study! However, the study does not align with your conclusions.

The conclusion was that the effectiveness of the vaccine on COVID 19 and the Delta variant was very high rather than very low in all categories of age and severity of infection.The study matches current findings in the US. It supports that current vaccine options would control the virus and get as back to a new 'normal' if more people would get vaccinated.
"The vaccines were at 1st said to be 90 odd percent effective at keeping you from catching covid19, then it was keeping you from getting symptoms, passing it on and now it's only effective for maybe 6 months."

The above is pretty important.
So the vaccine will get us back to normal? Once 100% get the shot and the boosters every six months till the overlap is at 100%?

Since the effectiveness has shown to be less and the percentage of breakthrough cases in the non-familial study I posted hit such a huge percentage..... let's just say it doesn't look effective compared to the claims.

Why is it that antibodies from previous infection is totally discounted, when it has shown to have a stronger and broader response?

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