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These cars (e83) will be extinct soon seeing that:

●It's not...

●It can be...
costly to repair
time consuming
easily trashed

One has to be determined, dedicated and defiant to keep the e83 on the road...and in today's American "throw away" society that's a count against the e83 continued existence.
Most other cars have much longer repair intervals. Meaning that there is longer time between repairs.
I'm always replacing,repairing or refurbishing something but, then again its mostly by choice.
But don't get me wrong the e83 can be a tank with that m54 engine...(some sware by the n52) but nevertheless one has to look past the expansion tank, the leaky rear door vapor barriers or even the finicky ecu. A truly good car but sometimes with the many bells and whistles can bite you in the but tho. Well got to go! got to address a stuck glove box.

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