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ABS/4x4/DSC lights after CV axle popped off

I had just replaced the rear ball joints and likely overextended the suspension causing one of the CV axles to just come unlocked. 3 weeks later my wife is driving it, 800 miles from home, and that CV axle came out enough to cause the vehicle to quit moving, and throw a trans fail safe error code. While sitting on the side of the road, I had my wife try a couple things like a transmission reset procedure, and trying to drive it in manual mode. No luck, but when she tried moving it, she got all 3 of the lights on the dash, ABS/4X4, and DSC. We had it towed to a very good European auto repair shop in Coos Bay Oregon, and they popped the CV axle back in, and test drove it, returned to the shop, cleared the codes, drove it again, and gave it back to my wife. Not 2 miles later, the 3 lights came back on. Any idea why this would happen? My only thought is that the motor on the transfer case spun the gear to the side of the gear that I had previously, a few years ago, flipped over to clear the same 3 lights. I also wonder if the lights may clear themselves eventually.

2006 E53, 4.4i
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