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Originally Posted by E53Envyy View Post
Yes, it was a serious question. I would rather have a government whom doesn't align with my beliefs then one whom completely imposes theirs and removes my choice and freedom. It should be the businesses choice to decide who can enter their establishment not the governments. Same with the schools, it's the parents children whom are at risk so let the parents decide.

Wait. Talk about nonsensical doublespeak...

So businesses can decide- not the government and not the patrons, right?

So the school can decide, right? School administrators, the people that run the schools.... Not the parents or students who are the patrons.

Or will this then be a 'they work for me, my tax dollars, blah blah' response?

But here is the big lie with these autocratic alt-righties: They really have no sense of right or wrong- just what THEY want. The argument gets twisted until they get the result they want....

You boys are fixing to take up arms against your government, your fellow citizens- all because of what YOU want. (and while maybe not exactly 'you', we are inching close to revolts, in a lot of places. And too many alt righties are A-OK with this.)

PS My child- wearing a mask - is at risk when your child- without a mask- attends school....and of course the same 'if you are scared, stay home' you seem to espouse applies to "if you cant wear a mask, stay home"..... all these alt-righties whipped up into an utter frenzy over masks and vaccines as some surrogate for domination and enslavement.
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