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Originally Posted by crystalworks View Post
Yikes. Yeah, as Andrew said, have the center bore changed. Will require more investment, but at least you'll be able to use them.

Sometimes modding is painful. Been there.

PS: Nice set of wheels to use on an F15. Should look great.

PS PS: Your tire shop knows exactly where those tires went... either into their inventory or one of the employees cars. If you requested those tires upon dropoff, they owe you a set.
Thanks both - agreed, boring out is the next consideration. My only hesitation is removing material from a wheel that's already taking a 50% weight increase, and may (or may not) need a spacer to clear the depth of the wheel hub.

As for the tires - spent an hour at the shop today. They lost the four original X5 tires too, even though they promised I'd have them waiting for me this morning. Six tires missing, total.

I now have a second (and wildly useless to me) set of X5 tires, and they're still looking for the Michelins. What a mess.
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