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Originally Posted by crystalworks View Post
That's the correct version number.

Okay I logged into the website and that screen shot you posted was from that. Don't use the website at all once you have registered. Just open the FoxAssist program and follow the directions I posted.

The SD card needs to be in the unit. Open FoxAssist, hook up the USB cable to your PC and then to the Foxwell 530. After the 530 boots up, navigate to "Update" on it. Once you select that your PC will notify you of a USB drive connected and FoxAssist will populate the serial number and drive capacity information. From there you'd select Download on FoxAssist (if you've activated the serial number to your account already) and update the 530. The 530 needs to stay in that "Update" mode until you've completed doing everything.

Edit: Here is a video going step-by-step.
That is the issue I am having with FoxAssist. I am logging onto the application by clicking on the FoxAssist icon on my desktop, and it goes to the page that you are seeing. It looks EXACTLY like the website. I don't understand why it is doing that.
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