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different models, different methods, acceptable results

When I first registered my Nt510e on 1-20-2021, I did use FoxAssist to register, but it was via a different version, and it wouldn't recognize my username/password when I tried again, a few minutes later. I think my first connection may've been done with the unit attached to the PC (I have the FoxAssist program on the PC, so I must've used it); I don't remember why I didn't update the programming at that time, before I disconnected.

Realizing my error, that's when I had the problem logging back in, with the unit plugged into the PC, so in desperation, I removed the SD card and tried again, via card reader. Eventually, I was able to log-in, and finished updating the software, via the website. And later on, in May, I used the SD/card reader method to add the BMW software.

Maybe I used a backdoor approach, but the results were the same as if I had done as in the worked for me. YMMV
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