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Angry Passenger window *This One has me stumped 🤔 *

So like all of you Iím sure,
Iím no stranger to replacing window clips
Iíve also replaced the front passenger window regulator / actuator twice
Donít you love it when your passenger thinks your door is from the grandmas Cadillac? 🙄

Iíll get to the point, New clips, new regulator/ actuator itís been rolled up for a few monthsÖ Iím getting back to getting it all back together
The window wonít roll downÖ
Not with the driver side controls or the passenger control.
I did save the OEM Bosch motor year ago, and sure enough it works!
Well kindaÖ only IN ONE direction!
Drivers switches, passenger switch
I reversed the wiring and sure enough it rolls down, and will reverse the Bosch motor.
So WTF 🤬 could possibly be going on!?
Thanks in advance
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